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How do I get a list of the area codes in a particular state?

You can click on state above to see the full set of area codes located in that state, as well as the most frequently blocked numbers calling residents in that state. You can then click in each area code to see the latest spam reports for numbers calling from that area code.

What state gets the most robocalls?

We suggest that you use another web site,, to get statistics on any state – including how many robocalls are made to residents of that state each month, and how many calls the average residents of a state gets each month.

I’m tired of getting so many robocalls. Should I move?

You can’t really move to a new state, even if you’re in a state whose residents get a lot of robocalls. It likely won’t make a difference. So we suggest getting a robocall blocking app like YouMail, which will block spam calls regardless of where you live. It’s a lot cheaper and easier.

Why do I get so many robocalls from other states?

Robocallers can get numbers in any area code, regardless of where they are. And they can call just about any number for the same price. So some robocallers think you’re more likely to pick up a number calling from an area code you don’t recognize.

Why do I get calls from strange area codes in my state?

Robocallers sometimes find it easier to get numbers in area codes that haven’t had lots of numbers already given out. Those are often newer area codes or overlay area codes that you’re not used to seeing.

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