Reverse Phone Lookup

Look up phone numbers for free.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a simple search that’s done by phone number rather than name. YouMail maintains the industry’s foremost collection of phone numbers and it’s free for anyone to search.

Our patented technology allows us to track behavior patterns, find people that abuse the Telephone Network, and prevent those calls from reaching our users. By doing a reverse phone lookup, you can search our comprehensive database to find out who is calling you or if that unfamiliar number has a history of placing potentially illegal or unwanted calls.

A reverse phone lookup may help keep you and your loved ones safe by preventing scammers from reaching you.

Tired of having to do a reverse phone lookup when you are called by unknown numbers?

Then download the YouMail App on your iPhone or Android. It’s a no-hassle call blocker, and will automatically stop robocalls and gives you custom call blocking options to block calls from any number. No more wondering “Who called me?”, since YouMail has truly accurate caller ID, where it does an automatic reverse phone lookup to identify your missed callers.

How a Reverse Phone Lookup Can Help

  • Find out who called or texted you by searching YouMail’s extensive database of millions of numbers.
  • Identify and avoid potential scams by looking up numbers and seeing if they are running common scams.
  • Avoid spam callers by searching unknown numbers to find out if they have a history of overly aggressive telemarketing, credit collection, or other robocaller.