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(720) 456-9745

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the features set is fantastic. I find though that the interface is a little opaque. It's of course the oh so trendy 'clean' look, so it's hard to tell where all the options are and how to use them. (thanks Google and Apple...) I'd much prefer a functional and easy to use interface, but it does more than other apps for less money, and does them without glitching, so I'm generally pretty happy. I got a response to the review looking for further details within a few hours. Very positive..
An Android User

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Best Phone Ap Ever! The voicemail box greets your callers by name - GREAT feature. You just have to make sure you don't have one tagged with a name that you don't want them to hear. ? Love that I can change the greeting to an "out of service" message for telemarketers.

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Youmail Rocks I absolutely love it better than any voicemail.