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Hey this is Alexis with Credit relief I'm just following back up with your request for getting some financial help. I did get you an approval I think you're gonna like but just know that this program is a first come first serve basis. So if you can call me direct at 20965150.


Looks like we still got your preapproved a 1550000 business line of credit with the lowest rates and longer term and the industry. So I can be reached at 949-732-1554 or you can just go ahead and call me back on the number that popped up on your phone. Even waste line. I should be around all day talk to you soon.


Hello this is an urgent message regarding your student loan debt. Failure to enroll in an eligible forgiveness program may result in over payment. Please call us back immediately at 855-490-4117 to discuss your program options. Again that number is 855-490-4117 to discuss your program options. Thank you.

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block Spam 986-946-5276

I don't know this number

A YouMail Subscriber
10/4/22 4:21 PM

block Spam 986-201-3327

Jamie Allman saying we should send all those not born here back to their own countries

9/28/22 6:48 AM

block Spam 986-333-4374

This is a scammer who is under criminal investigation. This is a HIGH RISK number.

9/6/22 11:19 AM

block Spam 986-333-4374

Scam/Fraud under Federal Criminal Investigation.

9/6/22 11:17 AM

block Spam 986-203-1119

No messages. Background noise of other people talking.

8/29/22 9:51 AM

block Spam 986-213-0114

He’s send nude photos of my friend demanding money from her

7/6/22 5:42 PM

block Spam 986-837-2573

Phish inquiry about home address

5/27/22 7:32 PM

block Spam 986-213-8426

tell me I have a refund coming but do not say who it is from. Says to fill out a form.

5/23/22 10:29 AM

block Spam 986-236-1748

Weigh loss/ I don?t see where sending these spam text is stopping them or slowing them down.

A YouMail Subscriber
5/5/22 2:11 PM

block Spam 986-300-5427

I feel this is a scam because I recognized the male voice from a previous phone call telling me he was from the Seattle Police department and that a car I previously owned was in a robbery. For my financial safety I needed to draw out all of my money from my banking accounts and purchase debit cards with that money and send him pictures of the cards and the sales receipts. These people want your debit/credit card info Don't give it to them!!!

Sue Jones
4/12/22 10:17 AM

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