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Hey I hope all is well. This is Corey at the National Debt Release Center. I sent you a text message earlier in regards to the new programs that are available in your state to help out with your debt. If you could please give me a call back as soon as possible I'd love to go over the program details with you and see if it's gets it for you see if it's something I can help you out but basically how these programs work is it reduces the amount of that you have to pay back by about 50% also gets rid of all the interest cut your monthly payments in half and get you out of debt in about a quarter of the time. This program is the most advantageous program that's available right now. If you could please call me back whenever you get a chance I'd love to go over the details with you. We'll take a look and see if this is a good fit for you. My direct line here is 949-520-6105. I look forward to speaking to you soon and God bless.


This is the new zero tax program that is now taking sign ups. The new zero taxes program will allow you to eliminate any past tax money owed given it is now non-collectible still. You must select to enroll which is open now. Please call me back at 858437669.


Today is Wednesday July 5. When you get this message could you please call me back at 844-419-1476. When you get this message could you please call me back at 844-419-1476 attention this is an extremely time sensitive message from Dedham regarding your Hardship account. You've been pre-qualified for a hardship benefit that could pay your bills over $10,000 in unsecured debt. We have your solution dial 844-419-1476 immediately to join the government back to debt relief program use this to wipe out medical bills credit card debt. Anything that's holding you back. Imagine wiping out $23,923 from your debts instantly. This is your chance to break free if you're buried under more than $10,000 in unsecured debt act now 844-419-1477.

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Idiot called at 8AM and woke my husband. STOP IT

11/13/23 5:12 AM

Another scam Medicare benefits calls, they always have heavy accents. This number also commonly used for vehicle warranty scams as well. This same group robocalls for health insurance, Medicare scams, solar panels, auto warranty scams, accident & medical claims, debt refi/payday loan scams as well as posing as Government offices or stores w/claims of fraud on your accounts. They often try and get info like your SSN or a copy of electric bill or medical & insurance statements. They will not stop calling, no matter how many times you ask. These calls are all from the same telemarketer group who has actually called me 270 times since 08/2023 - all from different numbers.). The calls typically work with an overseas call center who then xfers you stateside to a US rep who doesn’t care about breaking TCPA laws. Google Voice also has this number flagged as suspected spam.

Fighting back against illegal telemarketers
10/28/23 8:00 AM

Unknown scam no message left

10/19/23 8:49 AM

Stop their calls!!!!!! They waste so nuch of my time!!!!

8/16/23 12:33 PM

Robokiller has people reporting this # as spam

7/20/23 9:32 AM

Text only. No idea of sender

A YouMail Subscriber
5/24/23 6:20 PM

5.19.2023 1423 Call blocked by phone app as Robocaller, no voicemail left. SINCH VoIP Aberdeen ID. Called back with a different number: The number you have dialed is not in service. Numerous internet report of a Robocaller.

5/19/23 3:10 PM

Job Recruiting scam: Intelligent Post 743 W McGregor Ct #3 Boise, ID 83705 Boise, Idaho 83705 United States Website:

5/5/23 10:04 AM

Pretend to be shipping supervisor at intelligent logistics

4/30/23 8:29 AM

Pretend to be a hr manager at intelligent logistics

4/30/23 8:28 AM

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