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(978) 552-6455

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C***** A****


Lawrence, MA

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Hello, this is hi, Mark alsop Susan calling for ****. Hello, this is hi, Mark, Eric options trying again to reach ****. This is a COVID-19 vaccine update from hi, Mark health options. If you're over 16. You now eligible for the vaccine and Delaware to get your vaccine. He must make an appointment to go to www. Dot. Coronavirus dot Delaware dot gov forward slash vaccine forward, slash ware dash, Ken, dash. I dash Jen dash mine dash vaccine to find where you can get the vaccine or go online to your participating Pharmacy website to schedule. Your appointment. The COVID-19 vaccine is free of charge for more details please call us back 24, seven toll free at 1-833-474-1314 again, the number is 1-833-474-1314 T T Y users should call seven one one. Thank you and have a good day good bye.


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(978) 552-6455

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