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Hey it's Renee and the funding approvals department of Smart Business Funding. I'm calling because based on your records you currently qualify for a line of credit up to $330,000 with the low single digit rate. So the funds can be used to pay down other high interest payments for.


Hello this is Brad from the financial hardship Center. I wanted to follow up with you about the $15,000 for paying off on unexpected bills or other day. I will place your application on hold for 24 hours. Please call me back at 877-320-3244. If you're interested. Anyone in the office can assist you and we can get this done quickly. Thank you. Goodbye.


Hey there, I guess I missed you it's Jessica over at national tax advisory Services LLC. So I tried you last week as well and this is a follow, up notification regarding the new zero tax program that's now open for you it looks like you possibly have some past money that's due which we can squash with this new deal. So basically it becomes non, collectible, but you must have elected to enroll this month. So give me a shout back at 831-204-4718 again, I'm to us from C C at 831-204-4718. Thank you and talk to you later today.

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This Is a spam number 971-318-4310 that texts unsolicited offering to buy houses.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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