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Hey this is Tom. Sorry I missed you. I'm giving you a call from the Student Loan relief Center to let you know that you are now eligible to cancel up to $20,000 in Student Loans and we just need you to call to verify your income. That way we can make sure that you do qualify. Give us a call back at 813-336-1099. Failure to do so before the cut off may lead your payments automatically resuming. If you are currently being service by nabby in to nelma(?) at Great Lakes Loan Servicing or Sally May. Make sure to give us a call. Again that's 813-336-1099. If your service was not listed. You may also give us a call for assistance. Thank you. Bye.


Hello, my name is Mary Fletcher state number F F 694. This is a notification call from our Department of tax debt and financial settlement Services. The purpose of this call is to inform all us citizens on our state list about the new tax debt compromise program. This program is part of the American rescue plan put into effect by the Biden administration and is now open for enrollment the new tax owed compromise program will allow you to significantly reduce or eliminate your tax debt your tax that can now be considered temporarily non, collectible. However, you must elect to enroll into the program. Now, it is only open for a limited time to enroll in the tax debt compromise program. Please call me back at my assigned number 866-596-0137. This message has been marked completed by Mary Fletcher state number S S 694 please call our number. If you have already settled your tax debt and would like to be removed from our state lists.


Which requires the IRS to settle all old tax debt, but any us resident currently, house. What this means to you is that your tax that can now be forced into a settlement on your behalf, which will reduce or eliminate altogether your tax debt. If you are interested please press one. If you would like to be removed please press nine.

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