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(949) 202-4981 was a Student Loan Scam

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This is Linda we are now into. Hi, this is Linda. We are now in December and I'm following up on your pending student loan discharge application. We have been trying to contact you to update you on the most recent changes pertaining to the dismissal of your student loans. Our records indicate you may be eligible for these benefits. However, it is not urgent, but I speak with you as soon as possible before you are required to start making payments again in a few months you can reach me at 619-949-3857 again, that's 619-949-3857. Thank you. And have an awesome day. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, please listen to this important message from health care .com. Regarding the new pathway program. The new pathway has been designed for individuals and families in need of affordable health coverage as an effort to protect you against high cost medical bills health care .com has approved several new health insurance plans offered at a significant discounts this special program offers zero copays 100% coverage and income protection in case, you're sick and cannot work you will save an average of 50% is compared to market plans. However, you must enroll during open enrollment, which is now under way. So he were under the age of 65 and need affordable health insurance coverage the pathway program will be a big savings so for more details on how you can enroll in the pathway program call 970-665-4519 the pathway is only offered for a limited time during open enrollment so call now.


This is Michelle with the financial. Hello. This is Michelle with the financial relief Center and I'm just reaching out to inform you of the recent lawsuit settlement in the news which now requires the IRS to settle all old tax debt that any us resident currently has what this means to you is your tax debt can now be forced into a settlement on your behalf, which will reduce or eliminate altogether your tax debt so give us a call back and an agent can get you enrolled into this special release program my call back number is 866-877-0563. I truly want to help you talk to you soon.


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Student Loan Scam

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(949) 202-4981

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