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(949) 202-1602 was a Tax Debt Reduction Scam

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Hello, my name is David Fuller with division of economic impact with an important state wide update regarding the new economic impact tax debt relief program. We are required by the state to inform those on our list that have tax debt about the new economic impact tax debt relief program that is now offered to you during the special enrollment period the economic impact program has been designed to significantly reduce or eliminate altogether your tax debt as it is now considered temporarily non, collectible during the special enrollment period. This is a big savings for those struggling with tax debt. However, the window for the special enrollment period Wilson clothes. So please call our consumer direct line at 970-710-6998. This message has been marked complete on behalf of the division of economic impact please call Matt.


Sorry Newcomb. Hello, my name is Sarah Newcomb agent number is S N 11 and I'm with the us Department of health care. My job is to make you aware that open enrollment for health insurance is now under way and there are big discounts on early enrollment this year as an effort to protect you against high cost medical bills and to provide you with quality affordable health coverage several new health insurance plans have been state approved and now offer to you as a significant discount plans are 100% coverage, including prescriptions with no copays and are offered as individual or family plans. However, these are early enrollment plans. So they're offered for a limited time. My number here is 855-318-4806. I'm here till 7:00 PM eastern standard time Monday through Friday. This call has been provided by the us Department of health care by agents are Newcomb. I'll be waiting for your


Hello this is Gloria Simpson and I'm calling on behalf of the US Center for debt relief with an important update regarding the Pine administrations(?) Student Loan cancellation efforts which are now underway. Just so you know the pine administration has canceled over $3 billion in Student Loan Debt. Over the past 12 months. You are now able to enroll into this program which will significantly reduce your student loan debt and may forgive the debt completely. This is an effort from this administration. As part of their financial relief program to help Americans recover financially from the virus outbreak however benefits will be ending soon. So you only have a very limited time to enroll into the program. So give me a call back. My phone is 855-295-4219. I would call soon so you don't miss the cut off. Talk to you soon.


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This is amazing. I don't have to pay T-Mobile every month to transcribe my voicemails anymore! My only reservations are that I want to send unknown callers to voicemail, not play them a message saying my number was disconnected. There needs to be a middle ground. I learned that lesson when the veterinarian's office told me my number was disconnected :/
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Visible Messaging Again! I have a Straight Talk iPhone 5. The downer was that I stopped receiving notifications of voicemails. I never knew if I had a message unless I called my mailbox. This app fixed the issue and I couldn't be happier.

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Last update Last update turns my phone black as soon as I listen to my messages.
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