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Hello, this is Andrew with the TechSoup. My direct callback number is 9283618011 We show you basically how some past taxes do. Our company helps you get enrolled in the new zero tax program, which would make any smaller large amounts that you may know would become non-collectable with this program. If you're serving back, we can talk to you through it. If you do, in fact, still have some past taxes do. Again, this is Andrew at 9283618011 Thank you.


our agents are currently assisting other customers. Your call is important to us. Our representative will be with you shortly. Hi, this is Rebecca with Action Legal on a recorded line. Being injured or in an accident is never an easy situation, and we see that you may be eligible to receive compensation for an incident that happened. I just need to confirm a few things. Have you been injured or in an accident within the last five years? Hello? Hello, are you there?


Hey, this is Monica Stewart calling from Tax Relief Advocate. My number is 9498187591 Our records indicate you have some back taxes owed. I'm calling to let you know that now you can submit to have them eliminated with the zero tax owed program. Any past due taxes may be forgiven through this program. It is imperative that we enroll during this period. So call me back so we can get you enrolled. It shouldn't take long. It's a fast one-time thing. I'll keep your account open so you can call back this week. Once again, my phone number is 9498187591 Thanks for your time.

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ROBOCALLER WARNING! (940) 308-3275 is a Robocall Do not answer. TRANSCRIPT: Transcript Not Available.

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6/27/22 9:34 AM

Junk debt collector uses number spoofing

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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