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Hi **** this is Anita. Can you give me a call back. My number is 559-756-2888. Hi **** this is Lisa berry(?). Please give me a call back. My number is 756-2888. Again my number is 559-756-2880. Thank you.


Hey, it's Jenny with the financial hardship department. I'm not sure if you've spoken to and assign agent yet regarding our hardship program, but I do see that you approved for a hardship loan up to $37,000. This will can be used for any purpose including paying off debt or unexpected bills that credit is accepted. So what I'm going to do is keep this in a pending status and if you have about five minutes today go ahead and give me a call back so we can go over the details. My number is 855-290-3883 again that number is 855-290-3883 and anyone can help out in case. I'm busy hope this helps out.


Hello call me before you gonna be authorized order to authorize the order need to talk to our representative please press one and stay on the line. Thank you.

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block Spam 930-212-1706

I got a suspicious text message from this number at 11:37 AM Eastern Time, but I didn’t answer the phone. This is what the text message: “Jen-Ruth: I trust in God's guiding hand deeply, I work hard & I will do anything to see my freedoms protected. Send these values to DC: stop=end” I didn’t respond to the text, never clicked the link in the text, blocked the number and deleted the message. I suspected it was a robotext and a scammer misusing someone’s phone number in Evansville, Indiana so that he/she can try to scam me. I reported robotexts and scammers that spoofed random US and local 865 phone numbers pretending to be politicians associated with the Republican National Committee before and my phone number is on the Tennessee and National Do Not Call Registries. I did not give them permission to text me nor have I done business with them.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/26/22 9:00 AM

block Spam 930-239-9246

930-239-9246 called our house line @ 8pm. Caller ID Name Unavailable. Did NOT answer. VM turned OFF so no message able to be left.

9/23/22 5:54 PM

block Spam 930-888-9376

Scam, wanted to help with tax relief, India calling to scam seniors out of money.

9/23/22 10:22 AM

block Spam 930-239-9068

Free money 5k in tax overpay

9/20/22 12:28 PM

block Spam 930-212-1346

One of several numbers with no name and no message only a button with DOWNLOAD on it... really easy to accidently hit and who KNOWS that it will download to phone. Hackers and thieves is my thought... same from this number too 334-679-1214

Ann Hagerty
9/8/22 10:35 AM

block Spam 930-209-8667

Checking to see if my line gets answered, so they can sell/call me from other numbers.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/30/22 1:17 PM

block Spam 930-206-4269

No clue probably spam calling

8/26/22 6:50 AM

block Spam 930-200-0682

Caller ID Probable Spam so did not answer.

8/25/22 10:22 AM

block Spam 930-205-3054

AINLA. Thank you for submitting your app. Reply Yes for the next step. Text Stop to Opt-Out

A YouMail Subscriber
6/28/22 2:02 PM

block Spam 930-201-0651

All of the attacks that have came into your life is coming from a person that is in your life. Press the numerical button one now so that you can hear this blessed word. This is urgent my dear friend. We must break this attack and we must break the spirit of witchcraft off press one quickly that you can hear this blessed word ever since this one individual entered your life I have a created habit they created confusion there's been issues there's been things that have been halted I need to speak to you urgently other press the numerical button one now or two that you can hear this blessed award. We must break this in this month and we must break this in this month. Press the numerical button one now. If you wish to no longer receive these messages please with be option three now.

A YouMail Subscriber
5/3/22 9:56 AM

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