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This is an important call. Kindly hold while we connect you to our representatives. This is an important call. Kindly hold while we connect you to our representatives.


Hello, this is Ava Taylor and it's currently Friday, May 17th. I'm calling from Debt Free Solutions, the nonprofit organization. I was just reaching out to offer some information and a free consultation regarding your past due state and federal taxes. My number here is 8883552291 I had hoped to speak with you in person, but I can try to explain briefly here. We have two programs that I think might interest you. The first is a debt forgiveness program which puts your delinquent taxes into a non-collectible status. The second, which we think you'll find is more interesting, is the fresh start program. This works much like how it sounds, but there are some conditions. The good news is these could stop your wages from being garnished or your bank account levied. For the details, it would be better if you call us back. It doesn't take long and the consultation is completely free. I'll keep your account open to the end of the week. And again, my number is 8883552291 If you'd like to cancel your request and opt out of future notification, it's no problem. Please just call us back at this number and press 8. You'll be automatically removed from future announcements. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Hello this is a message from the California secretary of state on behalf of your County elections ballot for the November 8 2022. Gen. election was received and counted. Thank you for voting. If you have any questions please call 800-345-8683.

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It's to state your voter ballot has been mailed to you.

2/5/24 4:20 PM

California voting stuff. My ballot is on the way. Stupid call.

CA Voter
2/2/24 6:44 PM

Political spam from the California secretary state about voting. I never gave them consent. Never, ever. Why are they robocalling me? I'm going to vote them out because of this. Seriously.

2/2/24 6:40 PM

Why is the government. contributing to the unwanted robocall problem?

2/2/24 5:07 PM

This is from the state of California to let us know our voting ballots are on the way.

2/2/24 11:32 AM

Caller pretending to be "American Express. I do NOT even have American Express card.

11/30/22 3:43 PM

Consistant calls from same ppl different numbers all hvac scam.

A YouMail Subscriber
11/8/22 3:26 PM

Safe and legitimate pre-recorded message from the opt-in BallotTrax service of the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, which also sends a corresponding SMS text message. Pre-recorded message: "Hello. This is a message from your county elections official your ballot for the upcoming June seventh 2022 primary election has been mailed to you if you have not received your ballot within seven business days, please contact us. If you are a military overseas voter your ballot should have already been transmitted to you if you have any questions please call 800-345-8683."

10/20/22 8:21 AM

Regarding receiving ballot to vote

10/12/22 9:52 AM

Los Angeles county election office not spam

A YouMail Subscriber
10/9/22 8:14 PM

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