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Hey this is Emily with PR and I was just calling to give you a heads up that your Sam registration is expiring that's your system for Ward management and just because it's not renewed in time you're not considered for government contracts during the contractor selection phase or able to apply receive federal Grant payment. Also wanted to just let you know they're encouraging people to renew at least 60 days prior to expiration there's gonna be a bigger than usual backlog as I've got a lot of new requirements input including the mandatory entity name and address etc. So they want you to get started earlier than usual to make sure you get it renewed in time. If you've already renewed it and you received a confirmation email that it was renewed. You're good to go but if you haven't received the confirmation email give us a call and we can help you at 888-201-0649. Again Emily with SPR at 888-201-0649 thanks much.


Seven to accept charges press one to refuse charges press two. If you would like to permanently block your number from receiving calls from this facility press six for balance and rate quotes press seven.


Hello this is Bob calling on behalf of the hardship loan issue department or offer number is 812734. Again that's 812734. You've been pre-approved for up to a $35,000 unsecured debt consolidation loan. This offer is time sensitive and it set to expire with.

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block Spam 914-281-8099

I have NOT agreed on any charges with Norton.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/23/22 12:03 PM

block Spam 914-221-6882

Identified by my cell carrier as Potential Spam.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/17/22 10:48 PM

block Spam 914-685-6554

Asks if interested in selling. Man’s voice.

9/17/22 11:49 AM

block Spam 914-562-0596

I don?t this person! Mark as Spam.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/17/22 11:14 AM

check Safe 914-327-0258

Cable company confirming a service appointment.

9/16/22 8:47 AM

check Safe 914-334-6530

This is a KNOWN caller to me. This is not spam!

Jay Vandervort
9/15/22 12:25 PM

block Spam 914-429-4750

Calls, never leaves a message!!

9/14/22 7:24 PM

block Spam 914-520-7209

Phishing Text to get you information, fake USPS web address is given

9/13/22 6:01 AM

block Spam 914-540-0462

they called but left no message since I did not answer...

x x
9/9/22 11:15 AM

block Spam 914-247-0798

Been calling me for years asking for a guys name. I have had this cell # for 20 years and I'm a lady. :-)

A YouMail Subscriber
9/8/22 6:46 AM

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