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Hey, don't delete this recording. I'm Chris and I'm with Georgia local home buyers. I don't know if you're interested in selling or not, but if you'd be willing to hear an offer for your home. I'd love to have a discussion. There's no charge to you. And if you want to tell me to pound sand, you can do that. If you're interested, please call me at six seven eight three eight three one two seven seven either way. I hope you have a great day.


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm calling about your recent request to learn more about Colorado Christian university. I know that life is busy and this might not be the best time to connect. So please give us a call back when you have time between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM mountain time. You can reach us at 720-821-6493. You can also send us an email at info at C C U dot. E D U to. Let us know when would be the best time to reach you if we don't hear from you we'll reach out again shortly and hope that is a better time to connect and if you wish to no longer receive calls or messages, please dial 720-868-9814 to opt out. We look forward to speaking with you have a great day.


Hey, this is Lauren with FPR, and I was just giving you a call to let you know that your SAM registration is about to expire, the System for Award Management. I just wanted to give you a heads up, because if it's not renewed in time, you're not considered for government contracts during the selection phase or able to apply or receive federal grant payments. And the other thing I just wanted to let you know is they're encouraging everyone to renew at least 60 days prior to your expiration date, because they're having a bit of a backlog right now with some new requirements like a mandatory entity name and address verifications and stuff like that. So they're taking much longer to get through the process. So if you've already renewed and received your confirmation email, you're all set to go. Just give us a call and we can help you out at 8772010192 And again, this is Lauren with FPR at 8772010192 Thanks.

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