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I apologize is this a good time or should I give you a call back instead because this is Veronica with True Health Plan and I am one of the assistants to the open enrollment policy adjustment and evaluation department for the self employed. I'm contacting you in response to an online inquiry made from this number regarding health insurance options during this open enrollment period. United Health and other major carriers are offering self employed policy adjustments that will save you hundreds of dollars. Now that I have you on the line. Can I go ahead and patch in that department for you.


Hi this is Cindy calling about the new cell phone voice plans that are offered through United Health how are you doing today. Okay so the purpose of the call today is to inform you that United now offers an excellent health plan package specifically designed for self employed individual. The health plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pays and deductibles with the PPO network that allows you free to go to choice an income project(?) that your clients for more benefits and significant savings compared to any marketing plan. So can I go ahead and get this information out to you today great. So what I'm gonna do now is bring on my self employed program assistant(?) that will provide you with program details will take about one minute of your time. So please hold on while I patch her in just one moment please.


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We are a local Allstate agency located in Hillsborough, NJ. All outbound calls are either to clients for service or to potential leads that were purchased through reputable and preapproved Lead vendors for consumers who opted-in to receive a call. We do not use Robo's or automated dialers.

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