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Call from garage door North Hollywood how are you doing today. Okay so the purpose of the call today is to inform you that United now offers an excellent health plan is specifically designed for self employed individual. Please help plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pays and deductibles with the PPO network that allows you freedom of choice and income protection. You'll find our more benefits and significant savings compared to any market plans. So can I go ahead and get.


Hi this message is for ****. We are calling at the request of your insurance provider Signa Health Spring from the medication management Center. We work with your health plan to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medicines. You have been enrolled in your health plans medication therapy management program as part of this program. We would like to review your medicines with you this one on one session is provided to you at no charge and then confidentially over the phone. Please call us toll free at 1-877-654-6035 at your earliest convenience. Thanks and have a great day. Our Espanol ER may all know Ocho CSA CSA face single Quattro face settle trace single.


Hi this is Amber with the Medicare Department health care benefits. How are you today are you there. I'm calling because the updated plan for Medicare has been released and it may give you some better access to things like dental vision hearing and over the counter benefits. These benefits aren't automatically given so we're calling to make sure that you're actually getting everything that you're entitled to. There's also an additional benefit where you may qualify to get up to $148 a month that's cash after your social security. Depending on your income. Now I believe you do have Medicare part a and be correct. Are you there.

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