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You that there is an order order number **** placed for Apple iPhone 12 pro using your Amazon account if you do not authorize this order into to refund your amount press one or press two to authorize this order.


Hello we are trying to owner earning(?) your cars extended warranty. You should have received a notice in the mail about your cars extended warranty eligibility. We have not gotten a response to your final courtesy call before your file. Press one to speak with a warranty specialist about possibly extending or reinstating your coverage to be removed and placed on our do not call list press two. We are calling from Automotive Services. To be removed call 844-989-1711 UST 239.


Free wireless security system valued at $1200 in exchange for simply allowing us to put a small sign in your yard to find out how we can secure your home. Please press one now otherwise press two. To put your number on the do not call list.

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Here I go again!! I'm getting robo calls from 908-744-7351 on both my land line/cell number. almost the same calls I was getting last couple of years trying to get me to buy either Microsoft/Apple computer service for the $299.99. I was driven crazy by these calls contacting me day and night on both my land line and cell. I had SO MANY calls on my cell ATT was charging ME for the over run charges for recordings. It took me MONTHS to get them to remove the charges when they finally understood it was the constant Apple/Microsoft robo calls that I was getting from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EVERYDAY at 6 to 10 an hour! on both phones. I tried blocking them, they just changed a digit in the number and the game began again for months!!

2/19/21 4:09 PM