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Hello? This is Martin. I'm calling from the Legal Health Department. Am I speaking with ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello ****, am I audible? I would like to inform you that I am calling from the Legal Health Department, Medical Lawsuit Department. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? I'm audible, hello? I would like to inform you that the call is regarding the product Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello? Hello? Hello? Hey, are you there? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello ****? Hello? Okay, hello, I'm unable to hear you, hello? Can you speak louder please? Hello?


Hi there. This is to inform you that Spectrum has supplied a 50% discount offer on your monthly bill, which is expiring today. To keep this offer active, please call back at 84420441897 from 8am to 5pm to 6pm. Thank you and have a great day.


Hi, this is Genevieve and I'm with the Health Plan Action Team. Did you know it's open enrollment for health coverage? Okay, so Signa and United Health Care are offering the unique opportunity for individuals like yourselves to opt for a group health plan instead of an individual health plan. You never want to choose an individual health plan if you can join a group plan. You will say 50% with a group plan and you're out of pocket cost and deductibles who are both to zero.

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