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Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. How are you doing today. Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. How are you doing today. Hello can you hear me. Are you there. Can you hear me.


Hi this is Alison from Mission Credit. I see that you can actually activate your benefits today which will clear up any outstanding balances that you may have with credit cards or medical offices. So soon as you can process please call me back at 949-606-7405 and it looks like we'll keep your account open until the end of next week. Once again my number is 949-606-7405. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.


Hello, it's Samantha at the Tax Group LLC, calling out your previous year's findings. Looks like you may be one of the people that has some past taxes till June. Our company can get you enrolled in the New Zero Tax Initiative. With this setup, any small or large amounts are now non-collectable through this program. Give us your ring back so we can get you set up, but won't take too long and it's a one and done setup. Give me a shot back at six months.

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"This is Brian Baker, you are listed as an emergency contact for****** If you know their whereabouts, call my office."

3/29/24 8:45 AM

Called my mom and scared her. I told her if they wanted to find me it’s easy since I haven’t changed my number in 20yrs. I called from another number and asked the receptionist what kind of company are they and they hung up on me. Who ever this is they are disgusting.

3/25/24 11:55 AM

+19084528839 phone number Brian Baker called from

3/13/24 10:01 AM

"This is Brian Baker. This message is solely for intended for *****. You're listed wages, source of income and assets are being verified at this time. All the information you provided on your application would also include your references, place of employment or any listed business contacts. All parties will be contacted immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, OR you're not sure why you're receiving this message, press one and ask to speak to me, Brian" - Clearly a scam, as none of these phone calls say who they are calling with and any mediation or debt collector would not call to inform you of your wages being verified. They do not seem to know about the FDCA or what that entails. Blocked the number, but really would like to know how and why I keep getting these calls.

3/7/24 7:35 AM

They didn't even call me, they claimed to be looking for me by calling a relative. Claimed they were with PA Court System. Why would they call a relative in NJ? I live in PA, why would it have a 908 area code number for the State of PA?

1/27/24 12:44 PM

This is David Dorsey. This message is being listed for ****** your listed wages source of income and assets are being verified at this time. The federal law will not allow me to disclose all the details on your voicemail however prior to the order being completed I will give you an opportunity to contact me directly at my office so you can tell your side of the story. Press one and ask to speak directly to David Dorsey.

8/10/23 3:26 PM

Something about assets and not being able to leave all details on voice mail so call him directly ASAP.

Dave schoen
4/18/23 9:56 AM

Base on your employment and income verification please press 9 to speak with me I can't devulge on the message what this pertains to just press 9 to speak with me.

Joy Quashie
3/7/23 12:29 PM

Claiming to be from PSE and G AND THAT my power would be cut off. I dont have this power company.

A YouMail Subscriber
2/23/21 2:04 PM

Spam call - free medical aleart for specialy pre qualified people. And you qualify ( wow ).

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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