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Hello I'm Linda an assistant to the director of the national tax relief program. How's your day going so far. Alright I've been assigned to personally reach out to you and ensure you got all the details about the new national tax relief program. This information can be a real game changer especially for folks with outstanding tax debt. Can you please let me know if you currently have any outstanding tax debt alright let me go ahead and provide you with this information just give me one moment please. Here we go. Okay so this special program has been recently approved as of August 2022. The purpose of the tax dismissal program is to help those struggling with tax debt. However there are certain requirements to be eligible. You cannot currently be in any other tax debt consolidation or settlement program. You cannot currently be in bankruptcy and you must have a household income of under $250,000 a year but you do have to have a monthly income of at least $2000 a month. So I need to ask you do you need these...


Working on getting some important information over to you about the new economic impact debt elimination and alternative loan program. The economic impact loan program has been designed to condense all together your credit card debt by putting it into non-collectible status. There are no upfront cost to join the program. However the window for the special enrollment period it will soon close. So I was wondering if I could get that over to you just for you to review with that be okay. Okay please hold a minute while I retrieve the information.


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