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Hi this is Victoria Collins with an important update from Active Center. According to our records you may still have existing state or federal tax balance that needs to be addressed. Fortunately there are two new programs our office would like to discuss with you first the 2024 advantage(?) tax relief fund is now available to small businesses like yourself. It is designed to reduce whatever taxes you owe by up to 80%. We would also like to discuss the fresh start program which one time only kinda(?) limited 100% of your back taxes. I know at all sounds a little confusing but it's really not. We only need a brief five to 10 minute phone consultation. There is no personal information required but the funding for the advantage program is only expected to be available through the end of this month. It is imperative that you call today to secure your position and determine your eligibility or even better if you can call us back now at 888-355-2972 and ask to speak with one of our certified tax release specialis...


Hi my name is Kim and I'm calling to let you know that there is help available if you still have outstanding personal or business tax liabilities or other tax issues that you have not been able to resolve. We can help. We are a group of tax professional successful and helping thousands of tax payers to get a fresh start with all taxing agencies we work for you to get a fair resolution that can reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities. Call and speak with one of our visors for more info call 949-281-1211 now that's 949-281-1211. Thank you.


Hi this is Corey and I'm calling to let you know that if you're a business owner or individual with unresolved personal or business tax issues there are US and State fresh start programs that can help our team of tax professionals can help you get back on track with taxing agencies and assist you in reducing or eliminating tax liabilities. Call 949-536-9914 now for more information on dealing with outstanding tax issues. Again that is 949-536-9914. Thank you.

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Missed call. No voice mail.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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