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(888) 859-0422 was a Life Insurance Spam

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Hey, this is pat from Matthew court again calling about your life insurance. Okay. It's almost official now dodging me. If you already got this done somewhere else just give me a call let me know, if you haven't gotten it done. Yet let's talk give me a shot at it. I promise. I'll answer all your questions. And I'll give you the information you need to make an intelligent decisions. You can reach me at 800-774-9183 again, that's 800-774-9183 at least, let me know what you're thinking if you'd like us to stop following up just call 877645418 and let us know.


You've reached accurate quotes automated opt out system, first one to add yourself to our do not call list. I cannot hear you press one to add yourself to our do not call list. I cannot hear you press one to add yourself to our do not call list.


Hello, my name is Damon. I'm calling on behalf of Medicare, your insurance provider. I was hoping to speak with you about it. Valuable service and support of your membership. If you would please call. 855215. 1831 we are available. 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Standard Time. Monday through Friday. Look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.


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(888) 859-0422

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