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Hello my name is Dave and I'm calling from North Star Location Services please return our phone call today at 1-888-820-0968 extension is 4848 thank you.


Call from garage door North Hollywood how are you doing today. Okay so the purpose of the call today is to inform you that United now offers an excellent health plan is specifically designed for self employed individual. Please help plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pays and deductibles with the PPO network that allows you freedom of choice and income protection. You'll find our more benefits and significant savings compared to any market plans. So can I go ahead and get.


program you probably heard about on the news. Do not file or make arrangements to pay your old tax debt. Press 5 on your phone now. Press 8 if you do not wish to be contacted again. You can also contact our office line at 8884253179 Thank you.

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