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Hello, I'm calling from Sunset to verify the employment for ****. The information can be completed on our website and verify requests .com or contact us at 888-488-1149 and refer to order ID 557-3806 thanks.


Hi **** I'm calling from good higher I'm calling the Sigma to verify employment for yeah I to re the first name is spelled hawaii(?) DES last name is spelled HO in our the information can be completed on our secure website verify or call us at 844-668-3814 and refer to order ID 497-0968. Again the website is verify The order ID is 497-0968. Thank you.


Hello this is a confirmation call for the order placed under your name. So to find out more information please press one or you can give us a call back.

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block Spam 888-488-3540

Fake medical compensation claim center!!

9/15/22 2:17 PM

check Safe 888-488-1149

Know the person asked about

A YouMail Subscriber
9/13/22 1:39 PM

block Spam 888-488-0947

It?s defantly a scam Something about Auro repair and such

A YouMail Subscriber
5/27/21 11:18 AM

block Spam 888-488-0821

Be careful, this number is a scam I am told......

5/22/21 8:07 AM

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