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This message is for ***** this is Heather calling on behalf of Exact Care Pharmacy about your recent interest in Pharmacy Services deliver your medication directly to your door. Please contact us toll free at 888-470-3921 some stuff options for you. Again that's 888-470-3921 we look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, my name is Susan and I'm calling on behalf of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, your insurance provider. I was hoping to speak with you about a valuable service that's part of your membership. If you could please call 617-761-7048. We're available from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you and have a great day.


So, this is an automated message from Amazon. Your card has been charged of $2,284 for the purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro with Order ID124101 If you did not place this order and would like to speak to one of our representatives, please press one or please call back.

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Received promo from Lowes Hardware saying I could get a small Dewalt heater for my shop just by paying the shipping charge of $8.98. I foolishly replied and the charge was placed on my credit card 11/5/23 from " Shopautostorerevoluti ", phone #8884706660. Think it was a scam as I have heard nothing and the phone # is bogus

David DeClark
11/15/23 9:23 PM

I left from AT&T for both land line and cell phone in March last year. I found AT&T charged me $80 in November last year. After I asked my bank to get my money back, I received a AT&T letter asking me to call 888-470-0655 to pay returned money, otherwise so called my account will be suspended. I don't have that account number at all. I called that 888 number, a robot talked to me and let me call on business hours. Feel so weird for everything. It should be a scam or crime I think.

1/4/23 1:42 AM

Message urgent need to discuss past due bill and to respond to 888-470-0655 as given on a recorded message. Haven't had a land line phone for 2 years, dumped at&t cell phones about a year ago, due to check lost for DirecTv by AT&T in april with service disrupted May 17 at which time we went on antenna and enjoying many free off the air shows, and our great internet service by Xfinity, they cast their bait in the wrong pond.

10/26/22 7:40 AM

Multiple websites reporting that this is a scam

A YouMail Subscriber
10/12/22 9:27 AM

Automated message from my insurance company.

8/1/22 3:01 PM

Nuisance call. No message and when call back the number isn't valid.

3/2/22 11:26 AM

Wanted to talk about the bill for a phone number I did not recognize. Since, at the end, they referred me to ATT.COM/Bill if I didn't call them back, it was a more sophisticated than average probable scam call. Also there didn't seem to be any way to get the message to replay the phone number they rattled off rather quickly that they were calling about.

YouMail Visitor
1/24/22 1:41 PM

Call from 888-470-0655. Recorded message calling to discuss an AT&T account number that does not belong to me.

7/22/21 8:30 AM

Supposed AT&T asking if xxx-xxx-xxxx is your number. They want to talk to you about your bill. I don't have AT&T for my phone service. Don't bother calling them to attempt to remove your number. They'll just hang up and take the next victim's call. Don't be a victim.

That bearded guy
5/12/21 8:18 AM

United Healthcare member services phone number

4/23/21 10:41 AM

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