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(888) 240-2897 was an Online Order Scam

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$6 for the purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro with Order ID, $5, $9, $6, $1, $7, $8. From your Amazon account if you did not place this order, and would like to speak to one of our representative, please press one or please call back.


Thank you for your purchase from Amazon for Macbook Pro with the amount of $223399 If not done by you, please press one to speak to our Amazon Executive.


If you are suffering from any medical complications you might help you you get medical compensation with no out of pocket cost to you do call us back on 954-688-3277. I repeat 8-954-688-2277. Thank you and have a blessed day.


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(888) 240-2897

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I use google voice for my voicemail and like it that way. I dont understand how I can use this but keep my voicemail. Maybe only change my busy number? Call Verify seems to work and lets me keep GV for voicemail. Please correct my confusion if possible. What do those who like their voicemail do and what are the instructions? Reply - thanks I was hoping there was an option for what I was attempting. 6/1/2020 - Tried again using Youmail VM and it's not playing disconnect for local spoofers.
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