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No input detected. Key must be pressed to continue DragonSupport this call maybe recorded. Press one for English press you in at those but Espanol. We did not detect a response. If you still require support please call us back. This call will now be.


Press one. Hello, this is 888 mega mates ***** someone would like to start a chat session with you box number **** press any key or safe chat now for live chat. Thank you for using 888, mega, mates have a great day.


Hi, this is Smith calling to let you know that a power outage has occurred in your area approximately 1445th customers in your area. Last electricity. Our crews are working hard to fix it as soon as possible your electricity should be back on by approximately 15:00 PM on Wednesday, she was not if this changes. We'll let you know we're sorry for the inconvenience. You can visit .org slash outages for restoration update for sign up to receive outage alert by text or email at slash my account. We appreciate your patience. Thank you from smart your community are not quick profit electric

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block Spam 888-905-6344

Not a real police solicitor

9/30/22 3:20 PM

block Spam 888-652-0383

PHONE SCAM ALERT! (888) 652-0383 is a Political Robocall Do not answer. TRANSCRIPT: Hello. Please stay on the line to join a lot of telephone town hall meeting with Keith South, conservative nominee for Congressional district Three and Republican whip Steve Scalise. Thank you. If you're joining us for tonight's telephone town hall with Keith Sales, the conservative candidate for Congress. And Steve Scalise will be joining us in just a few minutes. Just hang on. We're going to get started in just a couple of minutes. DATE BLOCKED: September 23, 2022

9/30/22 9:26 AM

check Safe 888-989-8022

YouMail access number, which doesn't make calls. And it looks like a number from which they send password reset texts. Definitely not spam, no matter what the other geniuses who are commenting are saying.

9/30/22 9:24 AM

check Safe 888-857-8087

Reputable company that i signed up for.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/30/22 1:38 AM

block Spam 888-660-3882

Calls and insist that we called them ....

9/29/22 4:02 PM

check Safe 888-817-1615

Home health company, referred by my doctor

9/29/22 2:51 PM

check Safe 888-275-4524

This is a medical supply company

A YouMail Subscriber
9/28/22 10:42 AM

check Safe 888-568-0296

Legitimate USAA call about auto insurance.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/28/22 9:34 AM

check Safe 888-480-2432

This is a collection agency but they are also a mortgage company. The company is Nationstar Mortgage Co.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/28/22 9:10 AM

block Spam 888-201-0649

This is a call back number used by someone who calls herself "Kelly or Samantha or Emily" (same exact voice) and spoofs local phone numbers on the caller ID to leave messages about government contracts administration.

9/28/22 7:51 AM

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