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Hello. This is T-Mobile calling with an important message about your account. If you are ****, press 1 now. Once again, if you are ****, press 1 now. If you are not ****, press 2. Para continuar en Espanol, opriman número nueve.


about your account. If you are****, press 1 now. Once again, if you are ****, press 1 now. If you are not ****, press 2. Para continuar en espa?ol, oprima numero nueve.


Press 1 now. Once again, if you are ****. Press 1 now. If you are not ****, press 2. Para continuar en Espanol, oprima numero nueve.

Recent Reports for 877-613

I am no longer with T-Mobile. I got a call saying if you're Name and last name press 1 and it also mentioned it had to do with my account. I don't owe T-Mobile money. This is a SCAM!!!! I now blocked 877-613-7414

5/20/24 8:51 AM

I have no idea who this persn is.I don?t know of any payment plan I have made with this caller.Thank you utterly

A YouMail Subscriber
3/18/24 11:00 AM

Please keep this number from leaving a voicemail.

A YouMail Subscriber
3/16/24 9:27 AM

If you research this number, it appears to be owned by T-mobile. On the customer support boards, they claim that this is an outbound customer service department number. Like, if you just started with t-mobile they call to make sure you're set up right. However, other people claim that it used to call to remind people to make payments. We suggest that before giving any info to this number, you should hang up and dial 611 on your mobile phone. That ensures you really are talking with T-mobile.

YouMail Researcher
2/28/24 8:48 AM

Keeps calling all hours of the day / night is leaving voicemails saying if I am ( my name ) press one if I’m not pressed two

2/19/24 5:37 PM

Maybe T-mobile? If you get a call from 877-6137413, just 611 on your phone to connect with T-mobile. Ask if there is a billing problem with your account. Or download the T-mobile app. That notifies you if you have a billing problem and you can be sure its them.

2/2/24 10:27 AM

Pretty sure the call I got was T-mobile. I was late on my bill by like 5 minutes and boom, there is a call. They also texted me. I know I'm late. If I had more money I'd pay more quickly. I don't need to have some robot remind me. My best guess is that this is a real T-mobile number but it is also being spoofed by the guys in hoodies. Just block it and try to pay your bill on time.

2/1/24 2:29 PM

Claims to be T-mobile. They're an actual wireless carrier, so why don't they send a text instead of calling? I am getting these but I'm not late on my bills, so it seems like they have the world's worst calling system or it's a scam.

Annoyed In Denver
2/1/24 2:03 PM

Ah, the irony. This number sure seems like a scammy spoof of T-mobile to try to capture payment information. Yet T-mobile itself can't even block calls from T-mobile imposters from calling T-mobile subscribers. If you think it might be actually be T-mobile, you can always 611 from your T-mobile phone and see if T-mobile was trying to call you. But the ones calling us failed the smell test.

Hate Spam
1/24/24 9:34 PM

If you are *****. Press one now. Once again if you are *****. Press one now. If you are not *****. Press two to continue…

1/22/24 12:24 PM

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