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Hi this is Melody with Aflac calling to discuss your inquiry on Please return our call at your earliest convenience at 1-877-309-0875 to discuss the available plans. Thank you for your time and look forward to speaking with you.


This is Steve Jennings, I'm calling from document processing, we're guarding documents that are scheduled to be delivered, either to your home or place of employment. We have made multiple attempts to contact you with no response. The case file has been forwarded to our escalation for immediate review. Continue failure to respond will result in due process. This is a highly sensitive matter and requires your immediate attention. Please contact the issuing office at 877457923


To contact you with no response the case file has been forwarded to our escalation department for immediate review. Continue to failure to respond will result in due process. This is a highly sensitive matter and requires your immediate attention. Please contact the issuing office at 877-457-9323 or press one to speak with a case manager.

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Called 3 Xanax so far. This is message: “Hey this is Michelle with tax relief group I'm so bummed I missed you um I'm calling because it's really important that we chat and go over your back tax _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ returns you may have to do still I know it's really the last thing you wanna deal with but today is the day you need to call me back and get the ball rolling and all that it's really important that you give me a call my number is 1-877-930-0780 I'd love to chat with you about your situation see if we cannot only protect you from bang club these are garnishments before they happen also go over what we can do to help reduce or even illuminate your tax balances that you may have and honestly get in the on filed returns you need to get done too so call me today free consultation again my name is Michelle you can reach me at 1-877-930-0780 thanks look forward to hearing from you have a great day

7/21/23 10:47 AM

This call came through an (805) area code which is in my county .. Here is the call “This message is for “A” ( my spouse ) and offer as file number DA – 988449 my name is Sarah Marshall I'm contacting you in reference to complaint and has been forwarded to my office if you wish to discuss the pending actions that may be filed against you , you can confirm and control this matter you can reach him directly at 877-309-1174 in reference to your file number again that was DA – 988449 please advise of this call has been logged in submitted as proof that you've been notified of this pending matter and failure to respond will result with the department proceeding without your consent…”

Joeanna F.
7/20/23 9:57 AM

Got a call from 877 3091174 stating there is a complaint against me. Only thing is they called my daughter number but used my name. Left a message saying they are from a law firm and did not leave the law firm name, however they did leave a DA file number. The guy didn’t even sound legit, now if he sounded professional I may would have believed him.

C Williams
7/20/23 9:52 AM

Received a voicemail yesterday from 215-330-4649. The woman stated a name that was not mine but close and said a complaint had been filed against me. She gave me a file number beginning with DA- and then said that I need to contact the fire control at 877-309-1174. This is most definitely a scam and I am glad that I didn't pick up.

7/20/23 7:21 AM

A number called me from a local number in my area. She said her name was Jessica and that she worked for a law firm that was going to serve me papers for delinquency. I asked which law firm she worked for and she told me North Star. I asked location and she stated the name of the city I live in. This is not possible, I live in a very tiny town with one gas station. She is not the first one to call me from a "law firm" threatening to serve me papers. First of all, if they were going to send me papers they wouldn't call to tell me. Second, if you were going to serve me papers you would use my legal name not maiden. This is not the first time a "law firm" has called to threaten me over a car I let go back 20 years ago. The number they left for me to call back when I refused to answer the phone the 2nd time was 877-309-1174

7/19/23 12:53 PM

Got a call from 317-483-9157 saying this is Jason Evans with (mumbling something) that I have papers that could not be delivered to my address. Said I needed to call 877-309-1174 to re-schedule. Gave a case number DA-442512. Scary thing is they gave my full name, but not my address (which is good). I am blocking this number and this needs to be reported.

Chris B
7/19/23 6:08 AM

877-309-1174 called state a legal matter calld them back no answer

Sean Flood
7/18/23 4:12 PM

I don’t have any Tax debt. I have no idea how they got my personal number. They call relentlessly. I keep blocking. And recently it is a no caller ID and yet are still able to leave a voicemail.

6/29/23 3:12 PM

Voicemail states: “My direct line 877-297-0450, umm would love to get in touch with you before there are any fines or penalties incurred here so please reach out to me as soon as you can. Again my name is Chris from the Pax Police Group. Thank you so much hope you have a great day,” The number that actually called my phone is 903-201-2268 based on Leonard, Texas no where near where I live or have ever lived. Scam.

6/20/23 5:12 PM

I get the same spell every time she calls and this time she even left a voicemail if it's a real person or it's Hi this is Michelle again blah blah blah I can reduce your taxes and blah blah blah blah. I'm going to block her number which is 8773091370 until she changes it.

6/19/23 4:07 PM

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