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This is Paige with a message from portfolio recovery Associates. This is a call from a debt collector, please call 877-803-0025 or base. S T R E W E Y .com.


Felicia rank with the message from portfolio recovery Associates. This is a call from a debt collector, please call 877-803-0025 or visit us that is P R a W a Y .com.


Hi julian(?) Keisha. Thank you. Hello. UT Express the last place notification. You have an important express delivery and no one's answering the details of the package. Please press nine and the menu of customer service with review(?).

Recent Reports for 866-459

block Spam 866-459-3483

Total credit recovery. They are calling for someone who owned this number before me and will not take me off their list.

A YouMail Subscriber
3/15/22 4:19 PM

block Spam 866-459-9334

Hey figured I'd try you just one last time regarding an online request for getting some financial help. As I was able to get one approval that I think you'll like. So just go ahead and call me back and I'll give you the details. Again my number is 866-459-9334. Thanks.

1/13/22 9:48 AM

block Spam 866-459-3051

Could not understand him. Asked for his name said it was a bad connection after he asked for my real name. Hung up with a few choice words for him and blocked the number to my phone.

A YouMail Subscriber
1/13/22 7:46 AM

block Spam 866-459-2539

Scam/Fraud under Federal Criminal Investigation.

1/12/22 10:15 AM

block Spam 866-459-9375

Caller leaves message about loan approval . Do not call back!

1/11/22 4:28 PM

block Spam 866-459-1284

Called from St. John KS. Said I requested online some financial help and was approved. Definitely spam.

1/10/22 1:02 PM

block Spam 866-459-5211

They dont say what the name of the company is, pretend to be soliciting a job for me then solicit some product which usnt clear bcz the name of the company isnt stated.

11/8/21 8:21 AM

block Spam 866-459-2525

Told me to call regarding my account. Used my full name.

9/29/21 8:41 PM

block Spam 866-459-9392

att says spam. Calls repeatedly

2/19/21 4:09 PM

block Spam 866-459-1221

Call with the exact same info as the other complaints. She's calling about a Federal Loan there has been changes to the repayment and account number 6 60607 and the same phone number that 866-459-1220

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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