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Hello hey this is Ellie with Smart Alarms how are you today. Look like you know I understand your concern but hey this is Ellie with Smart Alarms how are you today.


Hey there this is Senator Marsha Blackburn. Today I'm hosting a live telephone town hall with your neighbors to talk about the issues that matter most to you and your family. We're going to talk about the crisis at the Southern border rising inflation and the threat to we face from America's adversaries. If you're listening to this message live and


I apologize is this a good time or should I give you a call back instead because this is Veronica with True Health Plan and I am one of the assistants to the open enrollment policy adjustment and evaluation department for the self employed. I'm contacting you in response to an online inquiry made from this number regarding health insurance options during this open enrollment period. United Health and other major carriers are offering self employed policy adjustments that will save you hundreds of dollars. Now that I have you on the line. Can I go ahead and patch in that department for you.

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