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(865) 217-0291 was a Debt Collector

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Any decision has been made on your behalf concerning a pending matter that has been under review numerous attempts for me to contact you with no response to avoid any further proceedings. You must contact the office directly with full payment or attorney information at 818-649-6022. Again, that is 818-649-6022 this will serve as your official notification by phone for immediate assistance please press two.


This message is to notify. Pending matter in our office that is in the process of being reviewed today. We will be verify your current address as well as pay for employment. The delivery of the proper documentation at this time if you'd like to contact the office directly at 863-213-3287. Again, that is 863-213-3287 this will serve as your official notification my phone for immediate assistance please press two.


Hello today is Tuesday the 25th now immediate relief is now available if you falling behind on your student loan payment which can put you in good standings as well as possible loan forgiveness on your loan. Now today is the deadline for enrollment. If you no longer have to feel alone or if you no longer need our assistance or believe we reached you in error please press nine to be removed from the list. Otherwise press one to be transferred to the next available representative. Again if you feel we've reached you in error or you no longer need our assistance press nine and you will be removed.


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(865) 217-0291

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