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(865) 217-0169 was a Vehicle Warranty Scam

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Tell you that based on our records the factory warranty is expired on your vehicle. I'm going to transfer you to a specialist to explain your available options. Please hold. Please continue to hold for the next available agent will be right with you. Don't miss out on what may be the final opportunity to retain coverage on your vehicle with the average labor right now ... up $100 an hour. There is never a better time to make sure that your budget. If you have received a notice in the mail. Please have the reference code available for your agent. Thank you. You are the next caller into you to continue holding. Press five now or to request a call back from the next available agent. Press nine now. Estimated call back time is less than one minute to continue waiting press five.


That your Google business listing has not been claimed or verified and it's displaying incorrect information. Press one to speak to a representative or press two to be placed on the do not call list.


Your Google business listing has not been claimed or verified. Please press one to be connected to Google specialist or press two to be placed on our do not call list.


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(865) 217-0169

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