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(863) 722-1636 was a Student Loan Scam

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Yes. Hi, this is Amanda with the student loan release program and you can reach me at 844-877-0123. I'm actually reaching out to you regarding your student loan balance really really good news for you. I looks like you have been selected and pre, qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. However, it is important that we speak to you so we can fit you into this program at this offered for a very limited time. So again here is my number 844-877-0123 and I look forward to speaking with you thank you.


Hello, this is Thomas and loan defence Center. It looks like we have on record that your federal student loan may be eligible to produce or even eliminated so please give us a call back when you get a chance at 702-854-1378 again, it's 70285.


Amanda calling with. Hi, this is Amanda calling with the us Department of health insurance plan for citizens. You can reach me at 330-222-8188 and I'm actually just reaching out to you regarding the new plans available due to President Biden is new comprehensive health care plan collectively referred to as Biden care, your plan will provide 100% coverage zero deductible and income protection in case you become second are unable to work. However, it is imperative that we speak to you just as soon as possible before these programs change as open enrollment has been extended only for unlimited time by the new administration again. My number is 330-222-8188. So I hope to hear back from you soon and have a great day.


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(863) 722-1636

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