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Hello, my name is Mary, yes. Hello, my name is Mary and I'm with the division of health insurance benefits and I have some recent updates for you that you should be aware of so please call me back at 844-877-0492. So, you know the new health insurance relief program hasn't been quickly approved by your state as of may 25th as a us citizen you now qualify for it significantly reduced rate for health insurance. It's actually about 50% savings compared to market plans right now or the coverage you may have currently these health plans provide 100% medical coverage, which includes full prescription coverage Dental vision tele medicine. No copays or out of pocket cost to you and income protection in case, you are unable to work. What's really great? If you get to go anywhere in the us and receive coverage which allows you to go to the very best specialist if necessary so when you call me back, I will provide you what is needed to take advantage of this approved medical plan and show the actual savings and benefits you can obtain within this program. My number here is 844-877-0492 and I'm here from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM.


This is Monica calling members. Hi. This is Monica calling members of the American trucking Association you can reach me toll free at 855-877-0084. I'm actually just reaching out to you regarding the new medical plan specifically designed for truckers offered at a significant discount your plan will provide 100% coverage zero deductible and income protection in case you become sick and are unable to work. However, it is imperative that we speak to you as soon as possible before these programs change as open enrollment has been extended only for a limited time by the new administration again. My number is 855-877-0084. So I hope to hear back from you soon have a great day.


Yes. Hi, this is Amanda with the student loan release program and you can reach me at 844-877-0123. I'm actually reaching out to you regarding your student loan balance really really good news for you. I looks like you have been selected and pre, qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. However, it is important that we speak to you so we can fit you into this program at this offered for a very limited time. So again here is my number 844-877-0123 and I look forward to speaking with you thank you.


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