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Hi, this is Susan. I'm a Medicare health care adviser on a recorded line. Can you hear me? Okay. Hi, this is Susan. I'm a Medicare health care adviser on.


Hello this is a collect call from an inmate at St. John's County Jail with telephone service provided by Pay Tell Communications. The current balance for your account is $23.35. Stay on the phone after this call for payment options. To receive information about new affordable permit rates press two. To accept this call press three now. To block all future calls press four. To refuse this call press five or hang up now. To repeat this information press nine. To block all future calls call 1-800 Pay Tell 1-800-729-8355 and follow the voice prompts to have your number blocked from receiving all future calls.


sleep(?) there can you hear me better(?) than you hear me. Third is therapy(?) therapy again. Can you hear me. Yes or I've asked multiple times. Can you hear me can you hear me. Can you hear me.

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I missed 3 calls from this number and my phone indicated spam. I did not answer but later checked the numbers. I have a child in the DeSoto correctional so I was immediately concerned with why they would be calling 3 times. Then it occured to me it could be him calling. A lot of unnecessary worry and fretting for a scam. This is so wrong on so many levrl

Shanon Dye
4/24/23 7:23 AM

They keep bugging me! Not legitimate!

A YouMail Subscriber
11/3/21 8:16 AM

Begging to install security.... spam

2/19/21 4:09 PM