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Hope your day is going well. I'm Thomas I'm a Medicare health agent with Prime Health Advantage. Do you currently have Medicaid or Medicare. Please answer yes or no or say removed to be removed from the quest pay that again. If you have Medicare or Medicaid.


Hello, this message is hello this message. Hello, this message is for. Hello. This message is. Hello, this message is for. Hello. This message is for. Hello, this message. Hello this message is. Hello, this message is.


Hello, this is Dan from Prompt Financial Help. I've just reviewed your financial profile here in our system, and it appears you qualify for a debt consolidation loan of up to $100,000. This could be an excellent way to tackle high-interest debts, medical bills, collections, and other financial burdens. Your offer code is P31267. P is in prompt to discuss this opportunity for other. Please feel free to contact me or any member of my team at 83365275555 Again, that number is 83365275555 These offer codes are good for 48 hours, talk soon.

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"time sensitive message from MRS" the voicemail states.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/22/23 6:50 AM

received the same Amazon message as documented above in my voicemail.

scott perry
9/20/23 7:05 PM

Relentless calling after saying no and asking to be taken off the lust

A YouMail Subscriber
9/6/23 1:47 AM

Advised this was an Amazon purchase verification for $1200, I hung up. It was out of New Jersey, and came to a business phone number.

8/24/23 10:56 AM

Call rang once then dropped. Not sure if it's a robocall killer or what.

Russell McGaffin
8/22/23 12:03 PM

PETITE SWEET BRUNETTE BRANDY STG based of Newark and East orange NJ. Called a man after taking money. Do not get robbed, avoid. She goes other names as well FAVORITE TEACHERS PET BRANDY She called people at Airbnb and robs them. Always chose hotel guys, airbnb is houses are shady also you are trespassing so it is not a good idea. Also whenever you see serious drugs or needle marks it is bad idea and drug addictions will do anything.

8/3/23 10:46 PM

Tell them to stop calling me and leave me alone and never call me again.

Robert Rosamond
7/31/23 7:03 AM

I received same message, exactly the same.

7/17/23 4:07 PM

Warning - DO NOT CALL - SPAM - July 13, 2023 Hey there. It's Heather again from Allied. I tried you a few days ago. Anyway our records show your funding account can get activated this week which will terminate any money or cards or medical offices to give me a call back at 607-230-5007 area. Code for the 10,000 is 230406 how can they can open through the another week again. My number is 607-230-5007. Thanks and talk to you.

7/13/23 12:12 PM

the same message with the same voice.

7/13/23 11:12 AM

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