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Hello, this is Anna from the national motor vehicle center. I am calling regarding the final notice on your vehicle service contract to offer last minute assistance you would be financially responsible for all service request.


Hi this is David from Bill Service Center. We have not received a reply the notices that you have received in the mail regarding your vehicle service contract. Please note this is to inform you that your vehicles coverage may have lapsed and you're responsible for all maintenance required on your vehicle. We're offering you one last opportunity to extend or renew your vehicles coverage to speak with a coverage specialist to go over your options press one. Again please press one to speak with a coverage specialist or press two. In order to be added in our do not call list.


I'm calling from the Health Care Enrollment Center in regards to your request for more information on the individual or family health insurance plans. Now we completely understand there's been a lot of confusion with all the changes happening with Health Care and we are here to help you. So I just have a few quick questions and then I'll get you right over to an insurance specialist. So let's just with a quick one are you looking for affordable insurance coverage. I'm sorry I didn't hear you clearly. Are you looking for affordable insurance coverage. Are you looking for affordable insurance coverage. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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