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Thank you for your response. We would now like to transfer you to a full taker for just a few more questions. Please stay on the line. Hello. This call is to inform you that a pre-authorized daughter has been placed on your name. To authorize the order right to talk to our representatives, please press one and stay on the line. Thank you.


Hey this is Tom. Sorry I missed you. I'm giving you a call from the Student Loan relief Center to let you know that you are now eligible to cancel up to $20,000 in Student Loans and we just need you to call to verify your income. That way we can make sure that you do qualify. Give us a call back at 813-336-1099. Failure to do so before the cut off may lead your payments automatically resuming. If you are currently being service by nabby in to nelma(?) at Great Lakes Loan Servicing or Sally May. Make sure to give us a call. Again that's 813-336-1099. If your service was not listed. You may also give us a call for assistance. Thank you. Bye.


Hello this is Amy with Medical Services. You were recently recommended by a medical professional to receive an emergency medical alert system at no cost to you and your system is ready to be shipped. Press one now and hold the line to receive your medical alert system at no cost. One in three Americans over the age of 65 for every year in the ross(?) and it could be the last. Don't be a statistic press two now and hold the line to receive your no cost Medical Alert System. Press one now. Press nine to opt out.

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it is a recording. It says, "This is Officer (name). Your social security number has been breeched. It has been used in the southern part of Texas. We need more information. To speak to Officer (same name) press 1...." that's when I hung up.

2/19/21 4:09 PM