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Hi there, this is Samantha from the Tax Group LLC, reaching out to you about your previous year's violence. It seems there may be outstanding taxes owed from earlier filings. Our company can assist you in enrolling in the New Zero Tax Initiative. This program ensures that any outstanding amounts, whether small or large, become non-collectable. Contact us at your earliest convenience so we can guide you through the setup process, which is quick and a one-time arrangement. Feel free to reach me at 8583412157 Again, that's 8583412157 If you do not have any outstanding amounts, please use the color ID to opt out. Thank you.


Hello there, Samantha here from the Tax Group LLC. I noticed there might be some outstanding taxes from your previous filings. We're equipped to help you join the New Zero Tax Initiative, ensuring any owed amounts become non-collectable. Let's chat about getting this sorted quick and done in one go. Dial me up at 3802413069 Again, my number to get this filed is 3802413069 If it's all clear on your end, just use the Color ID to opt out. Thanks a bunch.


Hello, Samantha here from the Tax Group LLC. It looks like there might be no taxes from previous filings. We can enroll you in the Zero Tax Initiative, making any owed amounts non-collectable. Contact me at 3802415180 Again, that's 3802415180 If no amounts are owed, use the caller ID to opt out. Thanks.

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Notified me about some purchase I supposedly made on Amazon and I never made that purchase.

6/7/21 1:27 PM

Would not leave a message. Just call us back

5/14/21 7:11 AM

Keeps texting calling me Harold

A YouMail Subscriber
2/19/21 4:09 PM

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