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Hello, this is United Health care calling to conduct a short survey about your recent doctor's visit. We will try back at a later time you can call back at 612-807-9400. If you would like thank you.


Hello. Yes. Hi. Yes. Good afternoon. This is Doris. My name is Samantha. And we are a licensed rocket exterior company. How are you doing today? This is Jeff. How are you doing? Good afternoon. This is Jeff. How are you doing? Hello. Good afternoon. Yeah. Good morning. Hello. This is Jeff. How are you? Good afternoon. Yeah. We work in the air. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hello. Okay. Hi, my name is Samantha, and I'll hear a lot of things about that. How are you doing? Do you even have a good business? Oh, I'm so sorry about that.


Hi, this is Mary calling on behalf of the underwriting department over at the Personal Loan Provider, the date is November 15th and I'm reaching out because I have an offer of $70,000 in the form of a personal line of credit and we're just waiting on a few more pieces of information from you. As a reminder, you can use these funds to pay off high interest debt, collections or past-do medical bills. Please give me a call as soon as possible as this offer is set to expire in the next 72 hours. Your reference number is A is an apple, $1.97, $5.68, again that's A, $1.97, $5.68 and please give me a call as $2.13, $3.64, $2.04, again that number is $2.13, $3.64, $2.4, $0.64, thank you and have a great day.

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I am not too sure on why I picked up the number but I did and now the calls wont stop this is the call to start it all. Now all these different numbers are coming into my phone.

2/19/21 4:09 PM