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This is the card member security department on behalf of C U of southern California calling for ****, so we need to verify some recent activity on your ATM debit card ending in **** in order to prevent possible difficulties using your card. It's important that you call us back at your earliest convenience toll free at 855-429-0124 to verify this activity. You may call us back 24 hours a day seven days a week the number again is 855-429-0124 you may opt out of future automated call and text contact to this phone number by calling 855-429-0124 and follow the necessary prompts. Thank you for being a credit Union member.


Hello? This is Martin. I'm calling from the Legal Health Department. Am I speaking with ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello ****, am I audible? I would like to inform you that I am calling from the Legal Health Department, Medical Lawsuit Department. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? I'm audible, hello? I would like to inform you that the call is regarding the product Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello? Hello? Hello? Hey, are you there? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello ****? Hello? Okay, hello, I'm unable to hear you, hello? Can you speak louder please? Hello?


This is an emergency message lightning has been reported within five miles of your area press one to confirm receipt press two to replay this message. This is an emergency message lightning has been reported within five miles of your area.

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When I received the voicemail like others in this report I called my credit union directly and gave them the actual number. While I was on hold, THEY (my actual credit union) called the number themselves and went through the prompts. They came back to say it is not related to their bank and they would send the info to their fraud department to see if alerts need to go out to customers to watch out for it. it is NOT the department of commerce federal credit union.

1/4/24 6:42 AM

Bank alert on my card

A YouMail Subscriber
7/21/23 8:41 AM

Credit Union of So Cal Fraud Dept

10/15/22 10:48 PM

This is a fake florist pretending to be a real flower shop. They take your money and try to find a flower shop to fill the order and keep a large portion of the money so when you get your flowers they are not what you paid for. The flower shop thinks its a real person and designs the arrangement to the value they receive. You cant complain or get your money back because all they do is take orders. The shop they call cant refund you because they don't have an order from you. My advice make sure you are ordering flowers from a real shop with walls a roof and a cooler full of beautiful flowers.

Be Happy
2/19/21 4:09 PM

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