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Hello, happy Wednesday. My name is Mark. I'm a representative from the Derelead Network. Going to our data here, it looks like there's a high chance you qualify for several deadly programs we are offering. I was calling to ask a couple of questions to see if you did qualify. But if you have 15 minutes later, you can give me a call back. We can go over the programs as well as the benefits. We're open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 430 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Thank you.


Hello, this is Marcy with the customer reminder for your story to count. To pay your balance now, press 1. To speak with somebody now, press 2. Again, to pay your balance now, press 1. To speak to somebody now, press 2. Press 1 to make a payment. Press 2 to connect to manager. Press 9 to be removed from our list. Press 1 to make a payment. Press 2 to connect to manager. Press 9 to be removed from our list.


Hey, this is Mary given you a follow up phone call. So I received a notification today that's based on your business's public information. Your business has been pre-qualified for a business loan or credit line of anywhere between 10,000 and $500,000. The interest rates for these lines are extremely competitive, so they really don't cost all that much. One of the best things about this offer is help us get the money to you. If you say yes to the funding, we can have the funds ready for you within just 24 hours. So please remember these offers don't last forever. So please, call me back directly at 202-992 at 1543. Once again, that number is 2029921543 I hope you have a really good day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Female wanted to know if I had health insurance, said yes so I'm not interested. Then she mention they worked with the gov. & could improve my insurance. Asked for name of co. and if I could call back so I could verify her company. Hung up after that. Definitely a scam according to other reports online

6/6/23 2:09 PM

This person is calling all of the time and not leaving any message.

A YouMail Subscriber
4/20/22 11:52 AM

Scammer who is using many (850) numbers. They call daily and don't leave a message. Suggestion; these calls should get picked up by the youmail phone app to stop them cold.

3/3/22 1:49 PM

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