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Hey this is Bill giving you a call back again. Today is Friday July 21. My number is 205-606-8788. We received a notification today that your business Dun & Bradstreet School was recently upgraded to a 76. Now this is a big deal because it put you in the top 10% of businesses in your industry and revenue range because of this great score. We're happy to say that your business has been prequalified for a business loan or credit line of anywhere between $10,000 and $500,000. The interest rates for these lines are extremely competitive and they really don't cost all that much. One of the best things about this offer is how fast we can get the money to you. If you say yes to this credit line we can have the funds ready for you in just 24 hours. But please remember these offers don't last forever. So please call me back directly at 205-606-8788. I hope you have a really good day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Hey it's Bill at the Tax Group calling about your previous years filings. Looks like you maybe one of the people that still have some past taxes due. Our company can help you get enrolled in the new zero tax initiative with this set up any small or large amounts are no non-collectible to the program. Give us a ring back we help you get you set up it doesn't take very long and it's a one and done set up. You can give me a call back at 943-218-9031. Again that's 943-218-9031. Thank you.


Hello, this is Alex from Sharp Solutions Finance Department. According to our records, you might be eligible for a consolidation loan to help you streamline and manage your credit cards and personal loans. Even if your FICO score isn't perfect, we're here to assist you. We conduct only a soft credit check, which would not impact your credit score. If your combined credit cards and personal loans total to at least $10,000 or more and you would like a complimentary consultation, please reach out to us at 7869378530 Again, that's 7869378530 To stop receiving future messages, please visit Thank you for considering us.

Recent Reports for 845-288

Spam text inquiring about submitting a cash offer for my house. This was out of the blue and unappreciated.

2/9/23 6:24 AM

Scam text asking if I'm open to selling my house to "Karen". "Karen" may want to take that up with the manager!

Douglas D
1/24/23 1:11 PM

Unsolicited text: Hey EZ. I'm searching for off-market opportunities. Are you open to buyouts for (My correct address)? msg me. Karen. Not sure if it's a scam or not, the area code originates from a nearby location. They knew my correct name address and phone number.

1/17/23 8:16 AM

Text scam with the following: I'm searching for off-market opportunities. Would you be open to a sale for Property Address Lmk. Karen

1/11/23 5:03 PM

Unsolicited text from a "home buyer" asking if I'd accept an offer to buy my home.

1/10/23 10:21 AM

Email scam to call this number.

Fuck Off
12/20/22 6:48 AM

text from this number 772 310-9052 is processing unverifed purchase for $729.89. This is the number (845) 288-5270 to cancel. Milton NY

7/14/22 2:39 PM

This number calls almost every hour never answered..i don't answer to anyone I don't know

Angela benton
3/5/21 12:08 PM

Calls 6-8 times per day from Beacon, NY Have never answered and they do not leave message

Janet J
3/4/21 10:55 AM

Insurance companies, I don't need insurance

A YouMail Subscriber
2/19/21 4:09 PM

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