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Give an important message from Carter business. Service. This is a call from a debt collector. Please call me. I'm at 180-020-4346 extension 3010. Thank you. And have a great day.


This is FedEx Express calling to. Please give us a call back 97223. This is sylvia(?) from the ... calling-to-change(?). Please give us a call back at 973-2348. Thank you. This is chelsea-from(?) ... calling to share-some(?) ... driving(?) in your account. Please give us a call back at 772-3357. Thank you. This is from credit expressions. Calling regarding your account. Please give us a call back at 97323343. Again this is Abby from the college(?) ... calling for(?) ... account. Please give us a call at 972-2343. Again my number is 974878. Thank you.


This is Brianna Stevenson calling from frost .net company, please contact me or representative at 844-851-6947 again that phone number is 844-851-6947. Thank you.

Recent Reports for 833-669

block Spam 833-669-0173

I have no idea who this is, but I have dozens of repeat calls from the #. Definitely spammer, telemarketing, or possible debt collector (?).

11/12/22 12:33 PM

block Spam 833-669-0173

They keep calling me, I do not know why. I've never rented any property in my life and they are listed as landlord and tenant debt recovery group. Sorry guys, not going to answer! I don't owe you anything!

11/10/22 5:28 AM

block Spam 833-669-0185

Said they were looking for someone and I said yes. Then they got short and hateful with me. So I hung up.

Wicked One
9/6/22 5:40 PM

block Spam 833-669-2987

Scam tello g me I ordered Something. THEY MESSED WITH THE WRONG PERSON. Going after them. .

7/11/22 2:17 PM

block Spam 833-669-0158

Claiming to be the ?business office? and i need to return their call asap bc i owe money? SCAM!!!!!

A YouMail Subscriber
3/9/22 7:24 AM

block Spam 833-669-0185


Kimberly Evans
1/3/22 10:25 AM

check Safe 833-669-1558

I was advised of some older loan I had about 5 years ago. I did call the store to make sure I actually owed it. I ended up settling my account for 50%. Didn't seem like a bad experience to me.

Chris Montgomery
12/7/21 8:33 AM

block Spam 833-669-0185

Robot calling for another person.

12/1/21 5:33 PM

block Spam 833-669-1560

scam ? ? 8336691560 --- No Go ? Very ODD message left on machine ! Area CODE--330 or 234 10-1-2021

Lesster Getter
10/1/21 3:11 PM

check Safe 833-669-1560

I actually called back the number and they helped me pay a past due bill I had at a much lower cost. Thank you.

9/15/21 4:12 PM

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