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Yolanda, love Grant. Again, this is Dave with DSR. I'm pretty sure it's my third attempt to complete this process. This is going to be my final try. After today, it will be updated as a failed process. If you want to help, please call 855-200-3739 855-200-3739 Hi, this is Henry calling from the office of DSR. You are listed as a secondary point of contact. I'm looking for a return phone call as soon as possible to assist with location information, as well as contact information. You can reach me directly at 855-200-3739 Thank you for your time.


Hi this is hi I'm calling from Insurance IQ responding to your request on our website Medicare or Medicare. I want to connect you to a license insurance agent for a free no obligation consultation. You can reach us at 1-844-696-1169. Look forward to helping you.


Hi, this is where I'm going to share inside you. I'll follow up on your Medicare friend that comes with Quests for a Medicare plan. Our call has been recorded and in case we get disconnected, you're going to reach us at 1149751678 so we're going to move from our call in list. You can address to us in a time and you're here with me, okay? Hi, I'm calling for a insurance like you responding to your request on our website,, for Medicare. I want to connect you to a licensed insurance agent for free, no obligation, consultation. You can reach it at 1-8-4-4-6-9-6-1-6-9. Look forward to helping you.

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I have no packages ordered

A YouMail Subscriber
9/7/23 3:22 PM

Telemarketer SCAM, pretending to be a birthday invite. (From someone you've never heard of)

8/2/22 10:55 PM