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Call regarding an important account issue. To speak with a representative. Press one to reach you at another time. Please contact 888-346-9202. Hi this is Joyce Black calling from's event your current home security and automation provider calling in regards to your account. Please call us back at 888-346-9202. According to our records there's an issue with your account that requires your attention. Again this is David. Please return our call at 888346920.


Hey there this is Chad Church at New American Funding and I am calling back off of your home loan inquiry and I would love the opportunity to just kinda sit down chat with you over the phone a little bit on who we are what we have the offer and see what we can come up for you. Best number to reach me at would be 888-205-6059 and I'm Chad church with New American Funding and I really do look forward to it. Thank you so much and have a have a wonderful day. Bye now.


Hello, this is Jane with select quote auto and home following up on the request you made for home and auto insurance quotes we compare rates with 20 a rated carriers and just need a few additional pieces of information to finalize your quotes. We look forward to connecting with you on our next call or you can call us back now at 855-998-4128 again, that number is 855-998-4128 have a great day.

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(Local area)Telemarketing. Collect callers. Marketing. Sponsors. Robotic answering machines once returning to the caller. Or apps on safari.

9/13/22 10:44 AM

It calls my cell phone everyday i just dont answer because i know its spam.

7/21/22 7:13 AM

This 1st shows up as a payphone listing & then when u dial it, you get an out of service recording?

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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