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We are calling to have an important conversation with you about your Healthcare please put an agent will be with you shortly we value our members and strive to provide excellent customer service. We are calling to have an important conversation with you about your Healthcare please hold and agent will be with you shortly we value our members and strive to provide excellent customer service. We are calling to have an important conversation with you about your Healthcare please hold and agent will be with you shortly we value our members and strive to provide excellent customer service.


Hi this is a call from your medicaid(?) High Mark Health Care formerly Gateway Health. We wanted to reach out to you about a letter from the Department of Human Services about your available medicate office and keeping your high Mark health care plan and obtain benefits and access to the doctor(?) he don't(?) anything don't have to choose a new plan. Simply don't do anything(?) and your TV high mark(?) ... remember(?). If you have any questions 1-800 398711.


Hello, this is your Gateway health member Services team. We hope that you are staying healthy and safe. We are calling with some important COVID-19 vaccine reminders. All Pennsylvania adults are eligible to receive the vaccine door at lessons ages 12 to 17. Many state COVID-19 restrictions are also being lifted. Now is an important time to get vaccinated. Thank you to all members who have already received the vaccine if you or someone you know is not been vaccinated. Remember the vaccine is free of charge you will not pay any out of pocket costs. Some vaccines require two doses. There. Don't forget your appointment for the second dose if required to search for a COVID-19 vaccine location in your area go to www. Dot vaccines. Doctor. You can also text her zip code 243829 or call 1-800-232-0233 you can also go to our website for an example list of providers and pharmacies such as right eight CVS and others, www. Dot Gateway health plan .com slash vaccine need a ride to your vaccine appointment call us.


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Gateway Health Services

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Health Insurance Spam

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(800) 392-1147

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Lots of value for Small Businesses I heard of this app in late 2017, while dating a guy who was smitten enough with me to create a specialized voicemail for whenever I called. While, I no longer talk to the guy, I always thought it was super cute and clever. But at 35, I'm long beyond the years of playing around with silly voicemails... well until I needed a solution for my small business. So I downloaded the app to create specialized, and professional voice greetings for my company. At first I thought it didn’t work because it totally whipped out my personal voicemail without seemingly being set up on the YouMail. But a couple of months later, I realized that it probably didn’t go through because I was trying to set up a Google Voice (VOIP) number that has no carrier. So I redid the setup with my personal cellphone number and voila! So then I was still trying to figure out how to leverage this for my company. Then YouMail sent me an email regarding the difference level upgrade packages with the top one being the Professional level. Obviously this was the answer to my business prayers! Lol Not only do you have an option for a Live Connect... you know when you call a company and then need to press certain numbers to route you to where you need, but you can also handle all of your company’s voice greetings and voicemail through the app.... AND it allows up to 3 extra lines, which means I could say goodbye to my Google Voice number and use YouMail since it has the entire package. All this for just $10 per month if you take a advantage of the special. The only negative I’ve seen with this app is that the Live Connect options doesn’t let you differentiate between your private cell and your 3 extra lines (business lines). So I’m only using the voice recording/greeting feature for my business lines. If they can figure out a way to fix this issue, this app would be a total game changer and could seriously compete with all these answering services that small businesses end up paying a lot more (hundreds more) per month for! I will say this, the live chat feature they have on their site is like no other customer service experience I’ve had with well established companies (ATT, GoDaddy... to make a few). This company has the right people with the right temperament to treat customers properly! The last chat session, the rep went above and beyond to try to get their technical team to troubleshooting separating the Live Connect for my personal line and 3 extra lines that I was using for business. Oh I also had a billing issues, it had appeared I may have clicked twice when upgrading to the Professional package so I had a double charge. The live chat support very quickly removed the second charge after viewing my account. No arguing with them... no proving my case... no waiting longer periods... Yeah this company and their product is underrated! Oh Almost forgot... while checking out all the features for my business lines, I ended up setting up those “silly” voice greetings for my personal line for certain people in my life. Lol So I guess my snobby butt isn’t too old for it after all! Lol A guy I’m dating loves to hear me specialize my voicemail for him. My daughter and mom like it too because I can tell them I love them even if I can’t answer the phone!

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Like it - but still learning Like the app but there is a bit of a learning curve

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Better than advertised Love this app. Its nice to have the option not to use the standard voicemail. Also love the personal messages you can create for your contacts.

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