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Two GS in Golf a as in silent three as in elephant a as in apple. Please use this new password the next time you log in. To hear this message again press one.


Hi this is Cindy calling about the new plans now offered to United how are you doing today. Okay. So the purpose of the call today is to inform you that United now offers a health plan package specifically designed for self employed individuals to help plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pays and deductibles with the PPO network that allows you free voice and income protection you'll find far more benefits and significant savings compared to any market plan. So can I go ahead and get this information out to you today great. So what I'm gonna do now is bring on my self employed program assistant(?) that will provide the program details she'll take about one minute of your time. So please hold on while I patch her in just one moment please. Hello and thanks for connecting today these new self employed health plan packages offered by Cigna include some unique and exclusive benefits. These special health plan packages are lower cost compared to a traditional market health plan and have more robust benef...


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8/12/23 11:32 AM

Tax scam

A YouMail Subscriber
12/9/21 3:53 PM

This is the main number of Affinity Federal Credit Union. Safe number

10/6/21 8:17 PM

Requesting credit card

A YouMail Subscriber
9/16/21 2:54 PM


A YouMail Subscriber
9/16/21 10:27 AM

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Affinity Federal Credit Union

Fake Fraud Alert Scam

Affinity credit Union

Affinity credit Un credit Un

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(800) 325-0808

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