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Hi I'm hi I'm a private lender who can find up to $4 million in working capital for your small business with fast approval flexible terms and no hassles I can get your working capital to you within a few hours and you can consolidate up to five loans. How much money can your business use to get started get to our website now it's That's Again get working one put on our do not call list. Call 754-223-0075 and select option three.


Hello, this message is intended for ****. If this is you please press one now or hold for message. My name is Mark Daniels calling with the mediation account Center. The reason for my call today is to verify the address that we have on file which we are preparing the documentation to file in your case. We've not made several attempts to reach you via mail and also through the telephone which were unsuccessful you've been flagged as evasive and non, compliant in order to avoid further penalties that are going to be filed against you we will need to hear from you immediately the phone number that you can use to contact us directly is 888-694-4742 and you can press one now or call us immediately at 888.


Press one now or hold for message. My name is Mr. Daniels calling with payment processing. The reason for my call today is to verify the address we have on file as we are preparing documentation to filing your case. We've now made several attempts to reach you via mail and also do phone calls which were unsuccessful. You've now been flagged as invasive and non-compliant in order to avoid further penalties that are set to be filed against you. We need to speak with you immediately today at 888-721-4199. Again that phone number is 888-721-4199 or you can press one now. Thank you and good.

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block Spam 786-204-2853

They call you aggressively telling you that their going to file ?paperwork ? in your case. Theirs no case, theyre doing this just to get info.

A YouMail Subscriber
12/27/22 2:17 PM

block Spam 786-204-0495

Pia 10-25-2022 Fraud Scam Identity Theft Credit Card Fraud Medicare and medical insurance coverage Fraud funeral expenses Fraud cable companies Fraud Amazon Fraud, Law enforcement fraud, they use this number to call under many different types of scams when you call back the number it's says it's out of order

10/25/22 3:56 PM

block Spam 786-204-2740

Pia 9-20-2022 fraud scam disconneted number

9/20/22 3:40 PM

block Spam 786-204-2965

Pia 9-15-2022 disconneted number fraud scam identity theft credit card fraud Medical and Medicare fraud scam

9/15/22 6:08 PM

block Spam 786-204-2640

Robocall from a debt collection agency looking for an unknown person. No option to be removed.

8/8/22 9:50 AM

block Spam 786-204-0758

Sending text messages wanting to know if I want to sell my home. Also asking if it is vacant or not

5/11/22 4:33 PM

block Spam 786-204-8243

Pia Fraud after you talk to them they disconnected the number so you cannot call back or they block you these are scammer identity theft credit card fraud High risk scammer report them to the FBI thats what I do for they take advantage of the vulnerable elderly and¿ Naive People the calls look like they are from the United States local numbers but they are voip numbers from India and they're trying to do malicious malicious things to you too be very aware.They are trying to get you Medicare and Medical information or funeral expense or alarm system for home as well as car warranty this number call back many times a day trying to ultimately get all your identity theft and Scam you.

5/6/22 10:51 AM

block Spam 786-204-7710

They want that you pay or they will cut the power , scam

10/27/21 1:58 PM

block Spam 786-204-0610

Calls from many 786 numbers blocking tbe caller iD

10/12/21 10:55 AM

block Spam 786-204-8470

Keeps calling, I don’t answer, you’d think they’d take the hint

9/20/21 9:43 AM

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